‘Mes Que una Mocio’ Successfully Trigger Vote of No Confidence against Barcelona President


After reportedly gathering 20,731 valid signatures in favor, a group of club members known as ‘Mes Que una Mocio’ (More Than a Motion) has triggered the vote of no confidence against Josep Maria Bartomeu.

In order for the referendum to open, 16,520 signatures were required, but the group collected over 4000 signatures more.

So, president of Barcelona, Bartomeu faces a premature end to his term following the call for a vote of no confidence against him.

Barcelona now has 10 working days to set up a committee to send the green light and to coordinate the voting schedule that should start in mid-October.

A vote of 66 percent will be required to exclude Bartomeu, with a minimum attendance of 10 percent of the members of the club, or socios.

If the vote is successful, Bartomeu would be removed immediately.

Then, the voting for a new president would be controlled by a provisional board, which would be pushed forward to December.


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