Manchester United Will Pay Ronaldo’s Transfer Fees in Instalments

Manchester United Will Pay Ronaldo’s Transfer Fees in Instalments

Manchester United will reportedly pay Juventus the Cristiano Ronaldo transfer fee in five separate instalments. So, after CR7 football news yesterday, Manchester United will pay Ronaldo’s transfer fees in instalments stretching to five years.

36-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo is now ready to make his second Premier League debut for Manchester United this weekend.

So, when the Red Devils host Newcastle United, fans will once again see Ronaldo donning the number seven United shirt.

Manchester United plan to pay off Ronaldo’s transfer fee to his former club, Juventus, over the course of five years.

United have confirmed the Portuguese international to return to Old Trafford in a €15 million (£12.9 million) deal.

Manchester United Will Pay Ronaldo’s Transfer Fees in Instalments

However, Fabrizio Romano has now revealed the Premier League club will pay the sum, the transfer fee, across five years.

With five different transactions thus taking place, United have to pay Juventus €3 million (£2.6 million) per year until 2026.

Though, reports have already noted that there are add-ons included in the two clubs’ agreement.

The deal includes up to €8m (£6.9m) that the Red Devils have to pay in add-ons.

And Romano figures €5m (£4.3m) of those are potentially easy to source, but the other €3m (£2.6m) are more difficult.

On the other hand, we must not forget, Manchester United’s new signing will generate around £30 million in commercial revenue.

This is the rough, albeit huge, figure that he will make for his club during his second stint in England.

Already, in fact, the shares in the club have risen by nearly 10% after he confirmed that he was returning.

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