Manchester City fans attack Aston Villa goalkeeper Robin Olsen: Neville and Keane react

Manchester City fans attack Aston Villa goalkeeper Robin Olsen, Neville and Keane react

Manchester City managed to pull off an incredible comeback to defend the Premier League title. However, in a pitch invasion that followed in what is the trend recently, a Manchester City fan attacked Aston Villa goalkeeper Robin Olsen.

Manchester United legends Gary Neville and Roy Keane have commented on this event and the issue in general.

“What is it happening?” asked Neville. “The last 30 years we’ve brought the fences down in English football and 99 times out of 100, the fans have respected the fact that you don’t run on the pitch because they enjoy the family environment.

“We’ve obviously got far more children coming to the games, far more women coming to the games, and all of a sudden in these last few weeks and months, we’ve got these idiots not just running on the pitch but attacking players. What the hell are you doing?

“Running on the pitch is obviously delirious because City have won the league, so I get that, but attacking opposition players on the pitch – where has this come from? Why is it happening? I’ve got no idea. It’s absolutely ridiculous.”

“It’s disgraceful. It really is and I tell you what – a player or a manager is going to be seriously injured,” Keane said.

“If you’re mad enough to come on and punch a player, then you’re mad enough to come on and do something silly like stab a player. Something crazy will happen. People have come back from Covid and forgotten how to behave themselves.

“Idiots, scumbags. It’s a disgrace. We’ve seen it a couple of times at Forest and with Patrick Vieira. It’s absolutely disgraceful.”


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