Luis Suarez Admits Atletico Madrid Wanted to Face Chelsea

Luis Suarez Admits Atletico Madrid Wanted to Face Chelsea

Despite the Blues ending up winning the 2020-21 Champions League, Luis Suarez admits Atletico Madrid wanted to face Chelsea, now.

Atletico Madrid forward Luis Suarez has admitted he, like many, did not expect the Blues to win the UCL final.

He said that teams in the latter stages of the Champions League wanted to play a “weakened” Chelsea side.

In an interview with Ibai Llanos as reported by Tribal Football, Suarez admitted that clubs were hoping to be drawn against Chelsea. Luis Suarez said:

“Look at Chelsea, whom everyone wanted to face because they saw them as weak and they ended up winning the Champions League.”

Expectation vs. Reality

In actuality, Suarez’s Atletico Madrid were no match for Chelsea this season.

Chelsea, whom football media called “underdogs”, faced Atletico in the Round of 16 of the Champions League.

But even after the Blues sacked manager Frank Lampard for Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea defeated Atletico Madrid on a 3-0 aggregate.

They then went on to beat Porto in the quarter-finals and Real Madrid in the semi-finals to reach the final.

In this all-important, all-English final, they beat fellow Premier League side Manchester City to clinch their second Champions League crown.

So, despite suggesting Chelsea were weaker than other European giants in the competition, Suarez takes inspiration from the Blues’ season.

Though Luis Suarez admits Atletico Madrid wanted to face Chelsea, he wants to replicate their campaign with his own Atletico Madrid.

After watching Chelsea, Suarez believes that any team can win the Champions League, no matter if they are the favorites.

In the aforementioned interview, Luis Suarez added: “The ambition does not have to stop and why not dream of having that possibility of entering the club’s history and winning a European Cup.

“It would be something incredible, something unique. The teams and the possibilities are not marked by anyone before each season, whether one or the other is a favourite.”

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