Liverpool Owner Has Apologized for Super League

Liverpool Owner Has Apologized for Super League

John W Henry, the Liverpool owner, has apologized for Super League and the club participating in it.

Liverpool were among the six Premier League clubs to join the Super League on Sunday night. But now, after the unequivocal backlash from fans, they followed Chelsea and Manchester City into withdrawing from it.

Club legend Jamie Carragher also warned Liverpool’s owners, Fenway Sports Group. He warned that they have ‘no future’ at the club following the European Super League controversy.

FSG are an American-owned organization. So are Glazer, the people who co-own Manchester United. Perhaps, these American owners have prioritized making a quick buck over uphold club values, which they seem alienated from.

And now, their decision to put money over fans has come back, in just two days too, to haunt them.

Henry is an American businessman himself, and the Liverpool owner has apologized for Super League and the disruption it caused.

In a video released on Liverpool’s official website, Henry assumed responsibility for the upset that the club stirred: “In this endeavour I’ve let you down.”

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson, only some time before the withdrawal, didn’t want the breakaway league to go through.

Many of his fellow Liverpool players shared his message: “We don’t like it and we don’t want it to happen.”

Reds manager Jurgen Klopp and midfielder James Milner also voiced their opposition to the plans on Monday.


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