Liverpool Head Coach: Getting to Champions League Through EPL Will Be Impossible


Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp spoke out about his team’s failings this season.

“I am trying to be optimistic but getting to the Champions League through the EPL will be almost impossible considering the place we are in now,” Klopp said in an interview to former Germany captain Lothar Matthäus.

“Tottenham have Gareth Bale playing brightly again and they are gaining momentum. Plus City and Manchester United who are way ahead. Chelsea are on the rise.

“Getting into the Champions League through the EPL will be difficult and we know it. And the Champions League is not usually won in seasons with so many injuries. You know that, Lothar.”

“Opponents usually don’t need to create many chances in matches against us because we make terrible, crazy mistakes. You could call them farcical,” he said.

“On the other hand, we create a lot of chances, we are still second to Manchester City in the APL in terms of ‘expected goals’, but we are far from them in terms of goals scored. Realization is a problem we’ve faced all season.”


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