Lazio Head Coach on 1-2 Champions League Loss: Bayern Munich Are the High Bar to Clubs


Simone Inzaghi, Lazio head coach, has talked about the 1-2 result of the Champions League 1/8 final return leg against Bayern Munich.

“Bayern are the high bar for clubs. It would be great to get close to it, but let’s not forget that Lazio returned to the Champions League after 13 years and made the play-offs for the first time in 20. It was already a big step for us,” the coach told Sky Sport Italia.

“We know that in this tournament there are teams with whom we simply cannot compete. Bayern are among them,” he added.

“Our target was to qualify for the last eight in the Champions League, and we achieved it without losing. We are proud of our Eurocup adventure. It should have been difficult against Bayern, and our mistakes in the first leg only made it worse.”

“Given the result of the first leg (1-4), we risked embarrassing ourselves in the second leg if we had entered the pitch without the right attitude,” he said about the game.

“On the whole, we have performed well and we are leaving the tournament with our heads held high because we have not lost once in our six group stage matches,” he continued.

“The first leg of the last eight was disappointing, but we looked good against the club European and world champions.”

“What you see in such matches is the mentality. Bayern were winning 2-1 with four minutes to go, and near me David Alaba threw himself into a sling – that’s how they were set up for the game,” he remarked on the match.


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