Laporta on Messi: We Have a Very Good Relationship

Laporta on Messi: We Have a Very Good Relationship

Barcelona CEO Joan Laporta has revealed some more details of Lionel Messi’s departure. After the president discussed retaining Barcelona head coach Ronald Koeman (football news), he also discussed the biggest of football transfers. The chairman wishes that Messi would have stayed with a debt-ridden Barcelona for free, but loves the superstar nonetheless. Now, two months after the striker’s move to Paris Saint-Germain, said Laporta on Messi – ‘We have a very good relationship.’

“I love him too much to be angry,” Laporta told RAC1, Marca reports.

“But there comes a time when you see that things just cannot happen, and there was disappointment on both sides.

“There was a desire from him to stay but pressure because of the offer he had. He knew that he’d go to PSG if he didn’t stay.

“He’ll go down as the best player in the history of Barça and I want that to be preserved.

“Everything indicated that he had the PSG offer before leaving us. We knew he had a big offer.

“When it came to making the decision, I hoped he would stay for free, but we cannot expect a player of his level to do that.”

Lastly, remarked Laporta on Messi: “We have a very good relationship. I knew that if we recovered financially we would compensate him, but we couldn’t make demands knowing the offer he had in Paris.”


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