Laporta Discusses Messi’s Barcelona Exit in Football Live Today

Laporta Discusses Messi’s Barcelona Exit in Football Live Today

At a press conference, live from 11am CEST, Barcelona president Joan Laporta discusses Messi’s Barcelona exit in football live today.

Laporta Discusses Messi’s Barcelona Exit in Football Live Today

“Leo Wanted to Stay”

Laporta said at his press conference: “Leo wanted to stay at Barca. We wanted him to stay.”

“I want to thank everyone that has been in the negotiations. There were lots of aspects that needed to be negotiated,” Laporta said next, instead.

“He is the best football player in the world and has other offers, of course,” he commented on Messi’s future.

Laporta then elaborated on why Messi slipped from their hands: “After all of this process, there comes a moment where you have to say ‘enough’. You have to analyse it and look at the numbers.

“In La Liga we have to abide by the rules. We think they could be more flexible, but that is not an excuse. We couldn’t abide by it.”

“Leo deserves everything,” the Barcelona president said, however. “He has proven that he loves Barca. He has his roots in Barcelona. I’m sad but I’m convinced we have done the best for the interests of Barcelona.”

Laporta added: “Leo’s legacy is excellent, he has made history. He is the player with the most success in the history of the club. I hope we can overcome this situation.

“A new era starts now. There will be before and after Leo, as there was with other great players in the history of Barca.”

“The Club Is Above All”

“I am here to explain the situation about Messi,” said Laporta, in this press conference, claims journalist Guillem Balague.

The Barca president said: “I need to say first, sadly we have such a bad financial past that means the wages are 110% of the income so we have no flexibility.

“The situation is even worse that we were told and what we had calculated based on official data.

“The debt is bigger than we expected. That is linked to fair play of course. The new contract could not be approved.

“On that, we don’t agree with the deal La Liga has reached because it mortgages us for half a century.”

“The club is above all – the players, coaches and directors,” Laporta finished firmly.

“Losses of 487 Million”

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has stated that the club is set to record losses of 487 million euros.

Originally declaring a 200-million-euros defecit, Laporta has now disclosed it’s more than double of that due to the pandemic.

“I am sure we have a promising future ahead,” said Laporta at the press-conference, reports Diario Sport.

“We expected to make losses of around 200 million but actually on course to record losses of 487 million.”

“We’ll need to work even harder and better to attract sponsors to the club, to explain what Barca is and what it represents, and the fact that we have a squad of incredibly talented players,” the president remarked.


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