Kompany Is Furious after Club Brugge Fans Called Him a ‘Black Monkey’

Kompany Is Furious after Club Brugge Fans Called Him a ‘Black Monkey’

Vincent Kompany has expressed his disgust after Club Brugge supporters racially abused the Anderlecht coach and his players. Kompany is furious after Club Brugge fans called him a ‘black monkey’ during a Belgian Pro League encounter on Sunday.

The two sides played out a 2-2 draw at Jan Breydel Stadium. But this result was overshadowed after the visitors were subjected to verbal attacks by racist home crowds on the stands.

Club Brubbe home supporters reportedly called Kompany and his players, including Majeed Ashimeru and Francis Amuzu, many racially derogatory terms.

Kompany Is Furious after Club Brugge Fans Called Him a ‘Black Monkey’

Opposing supporters thus abused RSC Anderlecht personnel throughout the match and even called them “black monkeys”.

And Vincent Kompany, the visibly upset Anderlecht manager, was furious in his post-match comments. He subsequently eschewed his official press conference after the game.

“I’m upset,” the former Manchester City man told Eleven Sports. “I’m going home upset. We’ve been yelled at and called “black monkeys” and whatever the whole game. Those are things I have a hard time with.

“We are here with a lot of people who have given a lot for this country. They just come here to play football.”

The coach concluded: “I don’t want to get into a conflict, but that’s just how I feel. I just want to go home, get some rest and spend time with the people who are important to me.”

“I think the supporters should look in the mirror for certain things they say. This is not part of football,” Anderlecht defender Wesley Hoedt said, also expressing his rage. “Things like this don’t belong here. Of course, we can’t change that much, but it has to come from the Pro League and the people themselves.”

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