Klopp Questions Why the Clarets Would Be Against 5 Available Substitutes

Klopp Questions Why the Clarets Would Be Against 5 Available Substitutes

Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp has criticized Burnley yet again, as his grudge against Sean Dyche’s side continued on Monday. After drawing with Tottenham (football news), Klopp questions why the Clarets would be against 5 available substitutes in Premier League. Answering his own question cunningly, the Reds coach they suggested Burnley aren’t good enough to send players on international duty.

Jurgen Klopp has previously bemoaned Burnley’s physical style of play. In fact, earlier this year, the German coach got into a heated dust-up with Sean Dyche, his counterpart at Burnley.

And now, Klopp has commented on Burnley despite Liverpool not playing them this week; they next meet on February 13th.

Meanwhile, top leagues other than EPL, such as La Liga and the Bundesliga, have already adopted an increase in substitutes. But the Premier League, beside not postponing their rigid schedule despite several COVID outbreaks, aren’t reinstating more substitutes on rosters.

The Reds are among the teams pushing for an increase in substitutes in order to better protect players from injury.

“What we realised again in the managers meeting – and we know it has always been like that – is how 14 clubs make the decision to change. You need 14 clubs,” Klopp said.

Klopp Questions Why the Clarets Would Be Against 5 Available Substitutes

After stating this, head coach Jurgen Klopp enlisted Liverpool’s Premier League rivals Burnley as an example to substantiate his argument.

Klopp said: “There is something wrong. Here is an example. With Burnley, I am not too sure how many of their players play international football. When our players play three games, they (Burnley) have no game. They have 38 Premier League games and three or four cup games, to make around 42 games a season.

“So we are talking about an issue which some clubs and players definitely have, but it is decided by the other teams and we make a competition of it. They say, ‘well they are better than us’, and that is a real problem. (Five subs) is the right decision, especially in this moment, because you bring players back in this moment, after COVID infection or an injury, and because of the games they have to play you risk injury and they have to go out again, maybe after 60 minutes. That is a real problem.”


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