Jurgen Klopp Has Likened Nat Phillip’s Growth to Robert Lewandowski

Jurgen Klopp Has Likened Nat Phillip’s Growth to Robert Lewandowski

Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp has heaped praise on Nat Phillips. Phillips is a player, Klopp claims, has improved as much as anyone he’s ever coached – even Robert Lewandowski. Among football news today, Jurgen Klopp has likened Nat Phillip’s growth to Robert Lewandowski, indeed, saying his evolution surpasses Lewandowski’s.

Nat Phillips played a major role for Liverpool last term as injuries struck the club’s defence. But he has hardly featured at all this 2021-22 season.

Jurgen Klopp Has Likened Nat Phillip’s Growth to Robert Lewandowski

However, his Reds coach Jurgen Klopp has admitted Phillips does not deserve that fate.

“I have to mention Nat Phillips,” Klopp said. “People often ask me which player made the biggest improvements under my leadership, and I say Robert Lewandowski.

“That’s probably right, but not far off that is Nat Phillips, just in a completely different department.

“I remember when I saw Nat Phillips first.”

Klopp then reminicsed: “I spoke to him after the game and he’s one of the smartest players I ever worked with. I told him, ‘You know you are not the easiest on the eye, eh?’

“He improved in pretty much everything since, and he’s not playing. Life is sometimes not fair and I can’t blame him.”

At the same time, however, Klopp hinted that Phillips could leave the club in the January transfer window.

“We cannot keep him forever, that’s clear,” the Liverpool manager said.

He then said: “We needed him, just to be safe, for that half-year. We will see what happens in the window. He was fine doing it because he’s a great guy.

“His development is absolutely insane. You saw it last year, you would have said ‘Nat Phillips, oh my god, he plays in the last line?’

“People love him because of his heading but with his feet he is unbelievable. He’s a late starter, but his development is unbelievable. I would sign him for any club except Liverpool, because we have him.”


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