Jamie Carragher: Arteta’s job will be under massive pressure by Christmas

Jamie Carragher, Arteta's job will be under massive pressure by Christmas

Jamie Carragher: Arsenal suffered a 2-0 loss against Newcastle on Monday. This marked the club’s 3rd consecutive loss. This means that as long as Spurs lose and they win on the final matchday, Arsenal will not play in the UCL next season.

Reacting to this Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has criticised the club and in particular the manager Mikel Arteta.

“Yes. Spurs are not losing from that position. Arsenal know it. There is nobody in world football who thinks Arsenal will make Champions League football off the back of that. No chance.”

“I think the fans could get behind it. They almost accepted they would not be challenging for honours but there was something building. But that performance today was bad. That was a cup final today, we know how important Champions League is.

“To be that poor in the first half and then produce that in the second half, it is not acceptable. It was not the result, it was the manner of the result, they were awful from minute one.”

“Europa League next season, Thursday, Sunday. I think they have had their opportunity this season – a big one – having no European football. That was a big advantage for them.

Jamie Carragher: I fear for Arsenal and Mikel Arteta next season

“They are not in the four best sides in the country but they had an advantage on the other teams and they still haven’t made it pay. I fear for Arsenal and Mikel Arteta next season.

“I think it is going to be tough for him. I think this will be a game that will be looked back on when he eventually leaves the club. This is Arteta’s first job so he doesn’t really have that belief behind him.

“If Antonio Conte has a bad time, you know he won the league at Chelsea, at Inter Milan. You have got that feeling that he has done it before and he knows what he is doing.

“Arteta has never done it before. That is not a criticism, it is just a fact. He needed that tonight. I really fear for him next season and if Arsenal are seventh or eighth at Christmas time with them in the Europa League there is going to massive pressure on his job.”


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