Hartlepool United chairman reveals his decision about the club’s future manager

Hartlepool United chairmans reveals his decision about the club's future manager

Hartlepool United after four years of competing in the National League was promoted to League Two this season. The club comfortably retained their position as an EFL club by finishing 17th in the league. However, Graeme Lee was sacked as manager of the club. The club’s chairman Raj Singh spoke about the future of Hartlepool United in a recent interview.

“There are quite a few different managers,” said singh. “For me, there is three different categories of managers that we are looking at. Do you go for an up and coming manager who has had some success and take a gamble on him? Or do you go for somebody in the league below who has been successful? Like we did with Dave Challinor at the time.

“Let’s not forget, a lot of people were against Challinor’s appointment at the time because it was all talk of him having a massive budget at Fylde and he hasn’t had a successful season so why are we taking him on? But that worked out alright.

“The third category for me is tried and tested manager who is looking to prove himself again and has had success previously. All the usual names have been mentioned.

“That’s the big call for me. Which bracket are we going to go for? I’m generally split because whatever I do, you are not going to please anyone and that’s the biggest dilemma for me.

“I’ve got to go with my gut feeling and people around me who are advise me to say which way are we going to go. At the moment, it’s open because this is a big decision so we will see.”


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