Glazer Family Will Pay Super League Compensation

Glazer Family Will Pay Super League Compensation

A spokesperson for Manchester United confirmed that the Glazer family will pay Super League compensation fees.

An American businessmen family, the Glazers will personally cover their club’s share of the goodwill money and the withheld funds.

The Glazers will pay fines, for the breakaway league they wished to enjoin United in, out of their own pockets.

Per the renewed commitment they gave to UEFA, the Glazers would be liable for around 5 to 10 million euros.

UEFA have asked the 9 clubs who are repentant about the Super League to make a combined €15m contribution.

These 9 of the 12 clubs, excluding Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus, will benefit children’s and grassroots football across Europe.

Additionally, for this one season, the nine clubs will lose five percent of their European competition revenue.

They also face fines of €100m (£87m) should they try to form another competition of this kind in the future. And any other violation of UEFA guidelines will mean a €50m fine for the nine clubs.

Glazer Family Will Pay Super League Compensation

Following this news, it has been announced that Joel Glazer will pay United’s portion of the grassroots contribution as well as covering the five per cent revenue deduction. This payment will not come out of club funds.

The Daily Star says same applies to Stan Kroenke at Arsenal, who has agreed to face the financial hit.

The Glazer family have thus finally conceded to bearing the costs of the fallout after Super League much later than other club owners, like Liverpool’s, vowed to do so.

When fans protested to kick the Glazers out over their disastrous breakaway league proposal, the owners simply ignored the protests.

Not only did they refuse to step down, Manchester United owner Avram Glazer also refused to apologise to fans.


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