Former Rangers Forward Is All Praises for His Then-coach Steven Gerrard

Former Rangers Forward Is All Praises for His Then-coach Steven Gerrard

Among other Indian Super League football news, Greg Stewart took just three matches to make a mark in the ISL. He scored his maiden goal for the Men of Steel, that is, his new club Jamshedpur FC, against Hyderabad FC. And the Former Rangers forward is all praises for his then-coach Steven Gerrard, after his Aston Villa move (football transfers).

The Scottish striker has played under the tutelage of former Liverpool skipper Gerrard in the last two seasons at Rangers.

Former Rangers Forward Is All Praises for His Then-coach Steven Gerrard

And now, Stewart shares how approachable the Liverpool legend was as a coach despite him being such a great persona.

“Steven (Gerrard) is a massive name in world football and his football career speaks for itself. He was obviously an elite player and one of the best midfielders in world football,” Stewart said, chatting with

Stewart then said: “So, it was good to learn from him, what it takes to be a top player and on and off the pitch some of the stuff he would speak about, he was always approachable, you could always speak to him no matter what problem you have and the stuff that he would tell you to try and improve your game is a lot of things you wouldn’t really think about.

“Off the pitch as well, living correctly, professionally and how you can build yourself by doing things properly. But he was still a young manager as well and he was still learning his work. It was good for the player and the manager, he got feedback from the players and as I said he was always approachable. He was good for players if you have stuff to know. So, it was a great experience in the two years I had and obviously, he has moved on now so good luck to him for his new job.”

Further Praise and Well Wishes for the New Aston Villa Manager

The Jamshedpur forward further praised Gerrard for instilled clarity in his players which made their jobs easy at the club.

“One of the things I noticed while playing in his team was that you knew your job, you knew what you had to do, wherever the ball was on the pitch, you knew where you had to be with the ball and without the ball,” said Stewart.

“We had a lot of clarity in our minds when we played so that was one of the main things that I will always remember. The intensity in training, he always expected the best from the players. So that is the main thing that I will take away from him,” he claimed.

Stewart also wished Gerrard the best of luck on his new role as Aston Villa manager, continuing to say: “Obviously, he left Rangers now to move to the Premier League. I feel it was always going to happen, maybe I didn’t think it was going to happen so soon obviously because they topped the league are in Europe. So yes, it was a bit of a shock but that’s football, these things happen. I would love to wish him and all the stuff all the best for their new role.”


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