Football News – Romelu Lukaku Admits He Is Not Happy at Chelsea

Football News – Romelu Lukaku Admits He Is Not Happy at Chelsea

After scoring in Wednesday’s draw (football news), Romelu Lukaku admits he is not happy at Chelsea, in his current situation.

Lukaku returned to Stamford Bridge after a successful spell with Internazionale, as we covered in football transfers. Indeed, he left just months after Inter secured their first Serie A title in 11 years.

But now at Chelsea, the striker is working his way back to full fitness. Instead, Lukaku has made just five Premier League appearances since mid-October due to an injury and a bout of COVID-19. (Though, overall, he has scored five times in 13 Premier League appearances.)

Now, in a sudden reversal, the Belgium international is open to returning to the Italian top-flight in the future.

“I think everything that happened was not supposed to happen like this,” he told Sky Sport.

Lukaku regrets the way he moved, as his departure angered fans: “How I left Inter, how I communicated with the fans, this bothers me because it is not the right time now, but even when I left it was not the right time.

“Now I think it is right to speak because I have always said that I have Inter in my heart, I will return to play there, I really hope so.

“I am in love with Italy, this is rightly the time to talk and let people know what really happened without talking badly about people because I am not like that.”

Lukaku continued: “First I want to say a big apology to the Inter fans because I think the way I left should have been different. I had to talk to you first, because the things you have done for me, for my family, for my mother, for my son, are things that remain for me in life.

“I really hope in the depths of my heart to return to Inter, not at the end of my career, but at a still good level to hopefully win more.”

But why does he want to go back, why is he discontent at Chelsea?

Football News – Romelu Lukaku Admits He Is Not Happy at Chelsea

The 28-year-old, who feels the current system that Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel employs does not suit him.

However, he has pledged to work his way back to his best form for the Blues.

“Physically I’m fine, even better than before. After two years in Italy, in which I worked a lot at Inter with coaches and nutritionists, I am physically fine,” he said.

“I’m not happy with the situation and that’s only natural. The head coach has decided to play a different system and I mustn’t let up, I need to keep working hard and be professional.”

“I’m not happy with the situation but I’m a grafter and I mustn’t let up,” Lukaku added.


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