Football News – Luis Suarez Will Not Sympathize with Ronald Koeman

Football News – Luis Suarez Will Not Sympathize with Ronald Koeman

After he had to forcibly leave his Barcelona home under the manager’s reign in last year’s football news, Luis Suarez will not sympathize with Ronald Koeman, who is under pressure to retain his role as Barcelona head coach.

Luis Suarez feels no sense of loyalty toward Barcelona’s head coach. Instead, he recalls the phone call from Ronald Koeman informing him that he was no longer needed at Barcelona. He claims that this heartbreaking call lasted only 40 seconds.

After taking over at Camp Nou in August last year, Koeman lost no time in opting to transfer Suarez away. Atletico Madrid reaped the benefits of the departing Barcelona legend.

Many people were in shock over this move, including Suarez himself. After all, he had spent the previous six years in Catalonia scoring goals at a rapid pace.

In 283 games, the former Liverpool striker scored 198 goals and added 97 assists. With Barcelona, furthermore, he won La Liga four times and the Champions League once, in 2015.

Football News – Luis Suarez Will Not Sympathize with Ronald Koeman

Now, this season, Suarez scored in Atletico’s 2-0 win over ex-club Barcelona earlier this month, piling the pressure on Koeman.

Koeman thus stood by and watched as the player he let go celebrated by pretending to take a phone call.

However, Suarez insisted that he was not directing this gesture at his former boss.

Speaking to Gerard Romero on Twitch regarding his departure, Suarez revealed: “The call from Koeman to tell me that [I wasn’t in his plans] lasted 40 seconds, it’s not the way to say goodbye to a legend.

“First he told me that I wasn’t in his plans, and then he told me that if I didn’t get my contract sorted out I was going to play against Villarreal.

“He lacked the personality to tell me clearly if he didn’t want me or if it was really the club that didn’t want me.

“Suarez left at a time when Lionel Messi was also seeking to move on and he admitted it had been a tough period.

“They were very difficult days because of everything I gave to the club,” he added.

“I spoke to Sofia [Suarez’s wife] and Leo after the phone call. It was a complicated year due to everything.

“Messi asked to leave and I was being sent away. Both of our families had a very bad time.”


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