Football News – Kroos Explains His Absence Since June

Football News – Kroos Explains His Absence Since June

Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos has opened up about his struggles. and among other relevant football news, Kroos explains his absence since June by revealing that he was playing in pain for six months prior to that.

The German international hasn’t played a single match since representing Germany in Euro 2020 back in June. He has thus missed three months of football and it is due to injury.

Football News – Kroos Explains His Absence Since June

Toni Kroos, a Germany national team and Real Madrid midfielder, has revealed that he suffered injury pains for 6-7 months.

“I’m happy because today I was able to do my third training session with the team without being in pain after six or seven months with pain, so it’s a very good feeling,” Toni Kroos told

“I have not played in three months so I have to gain a little rhythm. But the most important thing is that it doesn’t bother me much. From now on we can start talking about the games. We have reached that point where I wanted to be.

“I started feeling discomfort in March or so and I knew there was something in my groin. I knew that if I continued playing, I would get to the point of not being able to anymore, but it was very difficult to stop because I had to play in the Champions League and at the Euros.

“I returned to training in Madrid and saw that I had not improved and that I had to stop.

“We did a lot of work to find out what exactly the problem was.

“The operation wasn’t an option for me, I always prefer conservative treatment.

“This has lasted a little longer but I’ve played through pain for six months with a lot of pills between games. I knew it would last a little longer.

“I feel prepared to be in the squad,” Kroos concluded now, though.


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