Football News – Julian Nagelsmann Loves Thomas Muller

Football News – Julian Nagelsmann Loves Thomas Muller

Today, as Bayern Munich make football news, Julian Nagelsmann loves Thomas Muller, based on his words about his new team.

Bayern Munich star mas Muller is one of the most intelligent and strategic players in the game at the moment. Indeed, his entire playing career has been defined and popularized solely around his excellent positioning judgement and his spatial awareness.

He’s every coach’s dream to have on the pitch, someone to direct their well-thought-out plays from the field itself. And new Bayern Munich head coach Julian Nagelsmann (football transfers) is no different.

That’s lucky for the young coach, because the coaches that don’t get on with Muller seem to get the sack.

Football News – Julian Nagelsmann Loves Thomas Muller

In a quote captured by TZ journalist Manuel Bonke, 34-year-old coaching prodigy Julian Nagelsmann has praised German legend Thomas Muller.

Nagelsmann raves about the coaching prowess of his star Bayern Munich player because the aforementioned tweet has this English translation:

“Julian #Nagelsmann raves about #FCBayern player-coach Thomas #Müller: ‘He can implement our instructions incredibly intelligently as an extended arm. He has the gift of coaching. In a very pleasant way: Not lecturing, but often with a good joke behind it’.”

Curiously enough, Nagelsmann’s praise for Muller’s coaching skills and admittance of his assistance in coaching is almost word-for-word what Hansi Flick said about him last year, back when the Bayern Munich team was busy winning every trophy in sight.

For any player that thrives on their game-intelligence, this has to be the highest compliment you could ever receive.

Besides, Muller has now unofficially, by word-of-mouth, become the de-facto assistant coach of two consecutive Bayern Munich coaches, both tactically driven.

Indeed, across his career, Muller has received training from, and perhaps assisted the coaching, of some legendary minds in coaching. He has played for, Louis van Gaal, Jupp Heynckes, Pep Guardiola, Hansi Flick, and now Julian Nagelsmann.


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