Football News – Clattenburg Says Andy Robertson Is Lucky to Be Walking

Football News – Clattenburg Says Andy Robertson Is Lucky to Be Walking

Former Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg has criticised the officiating in Tottenham Hotspur’s 2-2 home draw with Liverpool on Sunday. After the football match and the drama therein created football news, Clattenburg says Andy Robertson is “lucky to be walking”.

Liverpool left-back Andy Robertson was on the end of a strong studs-up tackle from Tottenham Hotspur forward Harry Kane.

However, despite the severity of this tackle, referee Paul Tierney only gave Kane a yellow card, reversing his initial decision.

That first decision was to give Kane a red straight card, which Robertson himself later received via Tierney and VAR. When the Video Assistant Referee reviewed Robertson’s a foul on Emerson Royal, he compelled the referee to not show yellow. So, instead of settling, Tierney dealt Robertson with a red card.

But Mark Clattenburg, himself an EPL refereeing veteran, disagrees with these decisions across the dramatic match.

Football News – Clattenburg Says Andy Robertson Is Lucky to Be Walking

BBC Sport later learnt one of the mitigating factors behind the decision not to dismiss Kane for his first-half challenge. It was the fact Robertson lifted his standing leg out of the way of the Spurs captain’s tackle.

“I think Kane’s tackle’s worse than Robertson’s,” said Clattenburg, however.

“To hear that Robertson has to have his leg planted alarms me, because if he does that, he’s not walking this Christmas,” he told the Monday Night Club on BBC Radio 5 Live.

“If you don’t believe this is a clear and obvious error about Kane, you’re not doing your job correctly.”

“I think we, as referees, are sometimes guilty of knowing the laws of the game but we don’t understand the game,” he continued.

Clattenburg then questioned the video assistant: “VAR cannot get this wrong. Referees can, because they have a split second. VAR have all the angles, he’s got all the slow-motion, he can see the point of contact.

“If they are saying that his leg has to be planted, which is a new one to me, if the leg was high, the studs were showing, it’s reckless, he’s lunged. For me, he’s endangered the safety of the opponent.

“Robbo is lucky today that he’s still walking. We should understand footballers more because he’s not going to leave his leg there, why should he? He’s not going to want his leg broken and his career put in doubt.”


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