Football News – Ben Chilwell Is Out from Chelsea’s Line-up till 2022

Football News – Ben Chilwell Is Out from Chelsea’s Line-up till 2022

After the Blues nervously waited for medical results in football news, Ben Chilwell is out from Chelsea’s line-up till 2022.

The England international suffered an injury during the first half of Tuesday’s Champions League thrashing of Juventus at Stamford Bridge.

Chilwell is likely to require surgery on an anterior cruciate ligament injury.

If he does have to undergo an operation, his recovery will sideline the defender for at least six weeks.

Football News – Ben Chilwell Is Out from Chelsea’s Line-up till 2022

Now however, Blues boss Thomas Tuchel confirmed that Ben Chilwell does not need to go under the knife straightaway.

The fitness of Chilwell was understandably one of the first subjects that reporters broached in Tuchel’s news conference on Friday.

However, even the Chelsea head coach admits that that may change if the injury fails to recover sufficiently.

In any case, it seems very probably now that the England international will not play with Chelsea again until 2022.

“Ben is out,” the German told reporters. “He has a partial injury of his ACL [anterior cruciate ligament] and the decision is to treat it conservatively.

“The next six weeks will tell the story if he makes it and will be fully available, or if he needs surgery after that.”

When interviewers asked him about the possibility of surgery, Tuchel added: “I only care about the next six weeks. We are positive because the first reaction of his body is good so we hope it stays like this.

“Everybody’s focus is on the next six weeks to get him back on the pitch. After all the examinations, it’s a very sensible decision so there is no pressure. The decision is made and the next weeks will give the direction.

“There is never a good moment for big injuries or injuries in general but Ben is actually very positive at the moment. I just spoke to him a few minutes ago and his body has responded well to the first treatment and the injury so we have to focus on the positive things.”

Chilwell himself opened up about his injury via his official Twitter:


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