Football News – Bale Dismisses a Biennial World Cup, Kroos Will Quit

Football News – Bale Dismisses a Biennial World Cup, Kroos Will Quit

Gareth Bale finds the idea of going against tradition to hold a World Cup every two years bizarre and reductive. Meanwhile, while Bale has spoken his discontent with this World Cup format, Toni Kroos prepares to retire from Germany altogether. So, among other World Cup football news, Bale dismisses a biennial World Cup, Kroos will quit playing internationally with Germany.

Football News – Bale Dismisses a Biennial World Cup, Kroos Will Quit

Bale Rejects a Biennial World Cup

Gareth Bale is the latest voice to oppose the idea of a World Cup every two years, and not four.

The Wales national team captain is against holding the World Cup biennially, as opposed to quadrennially, claims The Guardian.

Bale declared: “I like the tradition of every four years – like the Olympics coming around every four years, it feels a little bit more special when it’s not happening too often.

“I don’t like this idea [to alter the football calendar]. I feel it loses that bit of history.

“The fact it’s over for years, and it’s a long time until next one, makes it a bit more prestigious.”

Kroos Isn’t Rethinking His Decision to Leave His National Team

Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos has spoken out on the nature of his relationship with newly-appointed Bundesteam coach Hansi Flick.

To recap, the 31-year-old has decided to retire from international football to concentrate on his day-to-day work with the club.

The Germany international instead wishes to make the most of the international break and spend quality time with his family.

“Hansi could call me at any moment, of course, and not just to talk about football,” Toni said in his ’Einfach mal luppen’ podcast, Sky Sport Germany reports.

“We had a long conversation after the Euros. I told him of my plans and wishes for the future. You know the result,” he added.

Toni Kroos has scored a total of 17 goals in 106 appearances for the national team of Germany. With this team, he has also winning the World Cup back in 2014.


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