Football Live Today – Barcelona Will Stop Talks with H&M

Football Live Today – Barcelona Will Stop Talks with H&M

Barcelona have positioned themselves to break negotiations with major Swedish clothing brand H&M. In football live today, Barcelona will stop talks with H&M due the conflict of interest against Chinese associations it represents.

The sponsorship deal agreed between Barcelona and H&M is rumored to have been valued at up to €3m.

But this deal for H&M to sponsor Barcelona, a club in dire need of financial resources, may now be in trouble.

Football Live Today – Barcelona Will Stop Talks with H&M

Barcelona have decided to not go ahead with a sponsorship partnership with H&M.

The reason for the decision was the Catalan club’s reluctance to clash with China, Diario ARA reports.

H&M has long maintained a public stance against some of the Chinese government’s policies.

For one, they stand steadfastly against China’s treatment of the ethnic minority group that resides within its borders.

China have been accused of using forced labor, crimes against humanity, and even possibly genocide (against Uighur Muslims – read more).

To condemn these atrocities, H&M have been committed to not making their products using cotton imported from the Asian nation.

In response, in their turn, the Chinese authorities have begun closing the company’s stores on their home soil. They’ve withdrawn 500 on-site locations for H&M outlets from geolocators.

Also, China has long removed the brand from their online retail outlets in the aftermath of the company’s 2020 comments.

So, a relationship between China and H&M appears to be unrecoverable.

Barcelona, meanwhile, are keen not to alienate the Chinese market when it comes to retail and other commercial opportunities.

And therefore, Barcelona have sided with the more fruitful path, simply on economic terms – that of appeasing to Chinese markets.

So, Barcelona severing ties with H&M in explicit support of China’s questionable practices is not surprising but it’s certainly disappointing.


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