Florian Bluchel Is Arsenal’s New First Team Scout for Germany

Florian Bluchel Is Arsenal’s New First Team Scout for Germany

Arsenal have further bolstered their scouting department with the arrival of Florian Bluchel from Bayern Munich, as we understand it. So, among other football news from Emirates Stadium, Florian Bluchel is Arsenal’s new First Team Scout for Germany, internationally.

Florian Bluchel is a former German Bundesliga wrestler. He even represented his country while being younger in continental junior competitions in 2001 and 2004 at the European Championships.

Bluchel then spent over a decade with the Bundesliga giants, Bayern Munich. There, the (now-)37-year-old worked his way up from youth team video analyst to Head of Technical Scouting.

And Bluchel’s most recent position was International Scout, focusing on the Spanish, Italian, Polish, Czech, North America and German markets.

And the Gunners now hire him, with this move coming after Arsenal have already recently added to their scouting department.

They’ve also recruited the man who brought the likes of Neymar and Philippe Coutinho to Europe for the first time.

Toni Lima, a former Andorra international who is the most-capped player for his country, has previously worked at Manchester United. He has even been part of the staff at Inter Milan and the Brazil Football Federation.

At Arsenal now, Lima officially started his role in July which will focus on the Spanish market. And he will report to Arsenal technical director Edu, whom he knows from his time in Brazil.

Finally, Arsenal have also hired Romain Poirot as their first-team scout with a particular focus on the French football market.

Poirot started as a full-time academy scout at Nottingham Forest in 2008, before joining Manchester City two years later. There, at Etihad Stadium, he worked his way up from the academy scout to European Football Consultant.

Florian Bluchel Is Arsenal’s New First Team Scout for Germany

His new role at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium (football transfers) will be as the club’s International First Team Scout for Germany.

In this position, he will combine traditional scouting methods with video analysis and next-gen player profiling to recruit Germany stars.

The Gunners have actually largely dismantled their scouting department last summer, with a vision to re-build it from scratch, almost. Arsenal’s head of international recruitment Francis Cagigao and senior scouts in Germany, Spain, Italy and France all left the club.


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