FIFA Should Not Exist – Mino Raiola

FIFA Should Not Exist - Mino Raiola

A sports agent insists that FIFA is unnecessary. FIFA should not exist, Mino Raiola believes.

“I think FIFA should not exist,” Mino Raiola told The Athletic.

“My dream, and hopefully I live to see it, is to see a new football system, a more honest system and industry,” he elaborated. “It’s an old system.”

The Sport Stakeholders Committee and the FIFA Council intend to implement new agent and player reforms.

They may fully overhaul the existing football business model. They may also introduce a commission ceiling and a licensing scheme.

FIFA says it can defend football’s reputation by doing all this, which has Raiola fuming.

And Raiolo said: “When you have scandals every year, it’s not a coincidence anymore. It’s a pattern, it’s part of your DNA, it’s because your organisation is what it is. So the big question today in 2021 is: what is the sense of having FIFA?”

Further, he “cannot believe that an organization that has people in jail needs to control my business.”

“I cannot accept that an organisation that has people in jail wants to regulate my life and my business,” he continued. “I will not accept it.”

Many of FIFA’s important personnel have indeed been recently charged regarding various crimes like corruption.

He added: “I will not accept they are my boss. I will not accept that they want to regulate things in a way that is not logical, not honest, and against my principles. I will fight for the rights of the players because they want to take away the power of the player. And I will not accept that. I never did, and I never will.”


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