Ferdinand about Steven Gerrard: He’s a Marvelous Player

Ferdinand about Steven Gerrard: He’s a Marvelous Player

Here are the words uttered by Rio Ferdinand about Steven Gerrard- ‘He’s a marvelous player’.

The Former Manchester United defender praised the former Liverpool midfielder, now in charge of Rangers.

Talking to Vibe with Five YouTube channel, said Ferdinand about Steven Gerrard: “He’s a marvelous player. If he had played for Man Utd, we would have achieved everything – and more.”

“Steven has just grabbed the game by the scruff of the neck in crucial matches and dragged it – in the Champions League semi-finals and finals, in the FA Cup finals,” Ferdinand elaborated, then.

“The problem is, I’d like to see how he would have affected the game in a really strong team. In such teams the workload tends to be spread more evenly,” Ferdinand continued, though.

He said: “In his team everything revolved around him, the ball went through him all the time. In the big teams that win championships, the distribution of the game is a bit different. Yes, we had Ronaldo, but we also had Rooney, Tevez.”

Ferdinand said: “If I buy a ticket for a match, I choose a match with Gerrard for the flashes the others don’t have. He’s capable of changing the game with one rebound or shot on goal. At every training session he did something after which you exclaimed: ‘Wow!’”


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