Fekir Explains Why His Dream Move to Liverpool Failed in 2018

Fekir Explains Why His Dream Move to Liverpool Failed in 2018

Among other football news today, Nabil Fekir explains why his dream move to Liverpool failed in 2018, when there were medical concerns about his knee. But Fekir blamed an agent rather than his knee for derailing this £53-million Liverpool move in the summer of 2018.

The Reds had just played in the Champions League final. And they were looking to strengthen their squad ahead of another domestic and international challenge.

Liverpool then identified Fekir as a player who could add some depth and offer competition for most positions.

Their talks with him advanced to the point that he appeared to be on the verge of completing his move.

Fekir had almost completed his dream move to Liverpool from Lyon. But everything seemed to fall apart at the last second, and it seems his bad knee was not the reason.

Fekir Explains Why His Dream Move to Liverpool Failed in 2018

Lyon player Nabil Fekir, a Frenchman, did not join Liverpool and instead joined Real Betis a year later.

Moreover, he joined Betis for a fraction of the fee.

“It was a dark moment,” Fekir, a World Cup winner in 2018, has told The Times.

“I saw plenty of things that weren’t true. It was said the knee stopped me going to Liverpool but that wasn’t true,” he has finally revealed.

“I went to Clairefontaine [France’s football centre] and they did the [medical] and the knee was fine. I had a problem with my agent, my adviser,” he disclosed.

“It was the agent responsible for the deal not going through. They needed to find a reason for the deal not going through and so they blamed it on the knee. The knee was an excuse,” Fekir said now.

Fekir then added that he ‘really wanted to go to Liverpool’ back then, especially after meeting head coach Jurgen Klopp.


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