Top 5 Best Fantasy Cricket App in India

Best Fantasy Cricket App

This new era of franchise cricket has aided India’s national cricket team in regaining its status as one of the finest cricketing nations in the world (not that it never was). Furthermore, it spawned a $15,000 crore business — fantasy cricket leagues. New players have entered the market with their own fantasy cricket software during the last four years. There are 45 cricket fantasy applications available in India right now. And the number is steadily increasing with each passing day. Here are the top 5 best fantasy cricket app in India:

Top 5 Best Fantasy Cricket App in India


One of the few fantasy cricket games with multiple prize features is Playerzpot. While most cricket fantasy applications in India award cash prizes to winners, Playerzpot does so with both cash and gifts. Furthermore, Playerzpot has a one-of-a-kind feature called Weekly Login, which guarantees daily rewards through the game’s weekly tasks.


Gamezy is a product of Gameskraft, India’s fastest-growing gaming platform. During the 2019 IPL, the fantasy game made its debut. While Gamezy is similar to Dream 11, it has one major distinction. Because there are fewer teams in single-bet games, the chances of winning are higher. In addition, by participating in free leagues, gamers can win cash rewards. The game is available in eight different languages. Developers just included a new feature that allows players to submit their teams prior to the start of the second innings.

My Team 11

Sanjit Sihag and Vinit Godara launched My Team 11 in 2015, and former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag sponsored it. The game is available on both the app and the website. The game is quite popular since it is available in two languages, has 24-hour support, and allows players to play in both regular and safe modes (users can join just before the first ball is played). Furthermore, users can participate in a single competition with up to ten teams to boost their chances of winning.

Mobile Premier League Fantasy Cricket

Sequoia-funded In the 7-8 months since its launch, the Mobile Premier League has grown to one crore users, making it the country’s fastest-growing e-sport platform. The game’s rapid growth can be attributed to the several highlighted events in which players can win prizes such as phones, bikes, cameras, and other items. It also offers a user-friendly and appealing design that allows winners to cash out quickly via Paytm, UPI, or bank transfer. Virat Kohli, the Indian captain, was recently appointed as the game’s marketing ambassador. It is one of the most profitable cricket apps available.

My11Circle fantasy cricket app

My11Circle fantasy cricket app was launched in January this year by Play Tournaments 24-7 founders Trivikraman Thampy and Bhavin Pandya and is focused on domestic and international cricket games. My11Circle appointed Sourav Ganguly as its brand ambassador earlier this month. Dada offers people to participate in the Beat the Experts competition, in which the winner will receive X times the admission price. For example, if X is 3, customers will win three times their initial deposit, and the value of ‘X’ varies from match to match and series to series. It is one of the top fantasy cricket apps available.

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