The Legendary Fantasy Cricket Guru Untold Story

Fantasy Cricket Guru

Fantasy Cricket Guru: Yahya, who hails from Mewat, Haryana, is an online cricket player performance predictor who has carved out a niche for himself on YouTube. He is beginning to be acknowledged as a well-known personality on that platform, thanks to his large fan base.

He initially had no idea what he wanted to do with his life until he came across an article stating that he could make money by submitting videos to his YouTube account. He then went on to make a channel and begin uploading random videos. It was at that point that he discovered there was such a thing as a copyright strike.

He came to find a video linked to Dream11 when unsure of what he should do. He had the idea that he could do something about it by predicting the performance of the team’s players. However, he found it difficult to advertise his self-produced videos because he lacked an audience. He then began sharing his recordings with Cricket-related WhatsApp groups. As his following grew, he pushed even harder to provide more content.

Yahya is a one-man show right now, but he wants to broaden his horizons. He aspires to be one of the pre-match presenters on official sports channels and to be recognised by the general public, whether or not they are cricket fans. He currently owns the Fantasy Cricket Guru channel, which has over one million followers and is increasing every day.

He has managed to make his way through with sheer tenacity and strong will and is seizing all of his aspirations one by one. A true example of perseverance.

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