Fans Come to Enjoy Football – Mbappe

Fans Come to Enjoy Football - Mbappe

PSG forward Kylian Mbappe has spoken out about the role of football. ‘Fans come to enjoy football’, Mbappe has said.

“Fans come to enjoy football,” Mbappe said to UEFA official website.

“When I went to watch matches, I liked attractive football. There are players for whom it’s not a shame to spend money on a ticket. Spectators come to the stands to be entertained,” he elaborated.

“People have all sorts of problems in life and they don’t go to the stadium to add to them.”

“I think you can’t forget the pleasure component of football. Even if you are pressed by obligations and the burden of results, this should not overshadow the pleasure of the game. That’s what people come to football for. That’s what we go out on the pitch for,” he concluded.

He also talked about how he motivates himself, via this simple ego trick: Mbappe Has Exposed the Ego Trick.


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