Fabio Capello on Italy’s Failure in Champions League: There’s No Intensity and No Aggression


For the first time since 2016, no Italian club has reached the Champions League quarter-finals.

And former Juventus and Milan head coach Fabio Capello has shared his opinion on why Italian clubs have failed in the Champions League.

“Unfortunately, Italy play slow football. There is no intensity and no aggression. We think you can only win through tactics and ball possession, but it’s difficult to implement that when you play against teams with a certain level of skill and intensity,” Capello said to Sky Sport Italia.

“In the four return matches in the 1/8 finals on Tuesday and Wednesday, we saw that the teams that won were those with more intensity. The quality of Italian football is low, we have no guts, and we suffer from teams who have a little more than we do,” he further explained.

He then talked about other clubs’ results: “Chelsea and Bayern play aggressive football that involves all the players in the team, and with us the forwards don’t come back but stay in front and wait. To see all the players of Real and Chelsea returning to their half of the pitch is a great experience.

“As for Chelsea, I don’t know if that’s a credit to Thomas Tuchel. I don’t know if he has been able to bring something new to the job, to change the attitude to training, but his team is showing amazing cohesion and incredible skill.”


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