Everton Head Coach Sums Up 0-2 Loss to Manchester United in League Cup Quarter-final


Everton head coach Carlo Ancelotti has summed up the results of the League Cup quarter-final.

Everton lost 0-2 against Manchester United.

And Ancelotti told Sky Sports: “We did enough to win: we played well, defended well. After 20 minutes we controlled the game. We didn’t attack much but we defended well until the 70th minute.

“They had more possession; they have a better team, so we had to defend. We had some dangerous counterattacks and the game went the way we planned.

“We left too much space in the centre of the pitch and that gave Cavani the chance to show his best qualities by scoring a great goal.

“We are disappointed with the exit, but we have no regrets. We played well, the players sacrificed themselves, worked hard. Yes, we lost, but we are looking forward.”


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