Euro 2020 – UEFA Respond to Claims from Denmark’s Players


After the breaking football news of Christian Eriksen collapsing in Euro 2020, UEFA respond to claims from Denmark’s players now.

UEFA have explained claims that they compelled Denmark to play on after Christian Eriksen’s cardiac arrest, against all football spirit.

Instead, they only insisted that the Danish players handled the matter with the highest care, which, at least, is true.

Eriksen fainted in the first half of Saturday’s Euro 2020 encounter against Finland.

And though he had to be resuscitated with a defibrillator, he was aware and stable when taken to the hospital.

Indeed, the 29-year-old Inter Milan midfielder even encouraged his teammates to finish the game.

Euro 2020 – UEFA Respond to Claims from Denmark’s Players

The players, many of whom were in tears as medical staff performed CPR on Eriksen, appeared emotionally devastated.

Terrified and unwilling, they resumed the second half of the match just two hours later. And they justifiably lost 1-0 to Finland.

According to UEFA, at the time, they reached the decision to terminate the contest “after the request made by players of both sides”.

However, Denmark’s manager and players have since offered a different account of the events since then.

The Danish players have said that bewildered as they already were, they were effectively given an ultimatum.

UEFA commanded that they finish the match on Saturday, resume it at noon on Sunday, the next day, or forfeit.

“None of the options were good. We took the least bad one,” said striker Martin Braithwaite.

“There were a lot of players that weren’t able to play the match, they were elsewhere [mentally],” he went on.

However, UEFA have now, on Monday, justified the decision to resume the contest on Saturday evening to Yahoo Sports.

They claim that there was no other alternative because Denmark’s next group game was against Belgium on Thursday.

“The players’ need for 48 hours rest between matches eliminated other options,” they explained in a statement.

“UEFA is sure it treated the matter with the utmost respect for the sensitive situation and for the players.”


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