Egyptian Manager Adham El-Selhadar Has Died in Tragic Circumstances

Egyptian Manager Adham El-Selhadar Has Died in Tragic Circumstances

Egyptian manager Adham El-Selhadar has died in tragic circumstances after watching his football side score a 92nd-minute winner. El-Selhadar passed away from celebrating the 1-0 second division victory by El-Magd SC, their death time scoreless-deadlock-breaker goal, too vigorously.

Adham El-Sehadar is a hugely respected coach in Egypt. Prior to this, however, he also enjoyed a stellar playing career littered with a number of impressive accolades.

During his spell with Ismaily SC, he won the Egyptian Premier League in the mid-1990’s. As well as this honour, he also won a domestic cup in the same period.

Egyptian Manager Adham El-Selhadar Has Died in Tragic Circumstances

The 53-year-old suffered a heart attack in the immediate aftermath of his side’s goal against El Zarqa (football news). So, El-Magd SC won 1-0 in an Egyptian Second League match on Thursday, but at a terrible cost.

While the goal originally sparked jubilant celebrations, the mood quickly turned into one of panic. Authorities had to rush El-Selhadar to the hospital after he suffered a heart attack during the jubilant scenes following the goal.

Confirmation of his death has witnessed a wave of touching tributes from some of the biggest names in Egyptian football.

A pair of top tier clubs Al Ahly SC and Ismaily SC have since published heartfelt posts. The latter club is one that El-Selhadar has previously managed.

Al Ahly’s statement read: “Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of the club, and the members of the board of directors, mourn with great sadness and sorrow, Coach Adham El-Selhadar, the former Ismaily player, who passed away on Thursday.

“Praying to the Almighty to cover the deceased with his vast mercy and enter him into his vast gardens.”

Ismaily SC echoed their rivals’ sentiments in this one tragic matter.

Their statement read: “The Ismaily Board of Directors, headed by Engineer Yahya El-Komy, mourns the death of Adham El-Selhadar, a star and former coach of the team, who passed away as a result of a sudden heart attack, following his follow-up to the match of his team, “El-Majd” Alexandria, in the second division league competitions.

“Against this background, the Board of Directors declared 3 days of mourning for the soul of the late.”

Finally, El Magd have, since their manager’s sudden passing, announced a six-day period of mourning. This means that they have also, understandably, taken the decision to suspend their next fixture against Pioneers FC.


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