Difficult to Play against Brighton -Manchester United Head Coach

Manchester United Head Coach: It’s Always Difficult to Play against Brighton

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has shared his impressions after beating Brighton 2-1. Per the Manchester United head coach, ‘It’s always difficult to play against Brighton.’

“We’ve had good results and we’ve worked hard to get them. And in the second half we managed it again,” said Solskjaer to BBC.

But, per the Manchester United head coach: “It’s always difficult to play against Brighton.”

“Rashford performed brilliantly in the goal episode – he was calm and focused. Marcus is working very hard on that,” he went on, though, about his players.

“Greenwood played maturely. He was one of our brightest players today. He acted accurately, evenly and earned his goal.”

He then talked about his goalkeepers, because Dean Henderson has replaced David de Gea. The former starts most matches, as the latter is on break.

“There are two excellent goalkeepers at Man Utd, two top-notch goal scorers. David de Gea spent some time at home, then he left for the national team. He hasn’t played for about a month but he will come back in the future,” he said.

“I think we started the game well, but Brighton’s goal put us out of rhythm, so we needed a break to pull ourselves together and try again. We had some good stretches in the second half. We opened up more behind the backs and moved more and better.”


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