Chelsea Head Coach Discusses Beating Atletico 2-0 to Reach Champions League Quarter-finals Deservedly


Thomas Tuchel has shared his thoughts as head coach after Chelsea defeated Atletico 2-0 to reach the Champions League quarter-finals.

“We feel we deserved to win. That is the most important thing. The most important thing is that we can give the guys feedback and tell them what they did in terms of quality and intensity,” said the coach as per The Guardian.

“The most important thing is to feel it, because then nobody has to convince you of anything. You just have to feel it.”

“The guys feel a special bond during the game and performances and results like that give a certain edge and make the team more cohesive. It helps to achieve special things. It can only be achieved through results and experience,” he went on to elaborate.

“I’m pretty sure no one wants to play against us. We have a super tough challenge ahead of us because we are already among the top eight teams.

“It’s a big step, but we shouldn’t be afraid. We will take what is due to us and prepare in the best possible way.”


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