Chelsea Fans Protest Outside Stamford Bridge

Chelsea Fans Protest Outside Stamford Bridge

Chelsea wish to withdraw from the Super League after they saw Chelsea fans protest outside Stamford Bridge against their involvement.

Angry Blues supporters stormed outside the stadium just before Chelsea’s Premier League meeting with Brighton on Tuesday night.

Banners and flares helped Chelsea fans’ protest outside Stamford Bridge to block the road.

In fact, the Blues’ team bus could not get through into the stadium for their EPL match at home. The Blues’ fans decided to have a sit-down on the road, so that their own team couldn’t enter the stadium.

They were protesting against Chelsea owners’ decision to join the Super League along with eleven other top-flight clubs. This isn’t unique behavior- football fans, even those supporting the twelve clubs involved, have globally criticized the ESL proposal.

Former goalkeeper and now Chelsea’s technical director, Petr Cech, personally pleaded with the fans to not block the road.

Fans reacted angrily to his pleads to let the coach, Thomas Tuchel, and the team through to the match. Cech personally urged the fans to “let people sort it out” and “let the bus go in”. They, in turn, called Cech a “traitor” to the club.

Click here to see Cech plead in vain for the fans to stop protesting.

Chelsea fans, it seems, have firmer club spirit and values than even the owners. They did not hesitate calling out their own club for letting the prospect of a payout overwhelm their football pride. They stood up to gatekeeping in the free-spirited game, and succeeded in making their club rethink the decision.


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