Champions League Football News – PSV Is Out, and Other Results

Champions League Football News – PSV Is Out, and Other Results

Footballers from Switzerland’s Young Boys, Portugal’s Benfica and Sweden’s Malmo have made it to the Champions League group stage. In this season’s UEFA UCL, on Tuesday, came the Champions League football news – PSV is out – and other results arrived.

In a return fixture, and hence away, for the Young Boys, the Bern club defeated Hungarian Ferencvaros 3-2 in Budapest.

Facing each other in Budapest, the guests took the lead through Zesiger (4).

But even before the whistle for the halftime break could blow, the home team turned the lead around. They enjoyed goals from Wing (18) and Mmaeee (27) but this only took the Young Boys further for the win.

Indeed, Fassnacht (56) and Mambimbi (90 + 3) both scored goals in the second half to restore the guests’ lead.

As they celebrated the same result in the first match at home in Bern, they qualified on a 6-4 total.

Meanwhile, Benfica played 0-0 with home PSV in Eindhoven, drawing even though Benfica had fewer players.

This is how Benfica defended the 2-1 advantage they gained in Lisbon six days ago.

Elsewhere, Malmo won a place in the “elite” despite a 1-2 defeat at the hands of Ludogorets in Razgrad.

They have also qualified to the group stage because in their first game too, they won, that too by 2-0.

In the actual game between Ludogorets and Malmo. the home team took the lead with a goal by Nedjalkov (10).

In this opening match, at the end of the first half, Birmančević (42) equalized.

Also, Ludogorets gained a new advantage from a penalty kick that Čolak and Sotiriou (60-11m) played.

Nonetheless, by the end of the match, the result had not changed.

Champions League Football News – PSV Is Out, and Other Results:

PSV 0 – 0 Benfica

Ferencvaros 2 – 3 Young Boys

Watch the match highlights here.

Ludogorets 2 – 1 Malmo


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