Champions League Final May Be Played in Portugal

Champions League Final May Be Played in Portugal

After the Chelsea Supporters’ Trust requested UEFA to switch venues, the Champions League final may be played in Portugal.

Instanbul was all set to welcome their beloved Chelsea against Manchester City in the final clash on May 29th.

However, Turkey recently joined England’s “red list” of countries with serious coronavirus outbreaks.

This raised travel concern among English fans wanting to attend the final, because host town Istanbul was out of reach.

They then wrote to UEFA to ask for a change in the location of the all-English final.

In reaction, the British government even volunteered to host the final at Wembley Stadium in England itself.

Champions League Final May Be Played in Portugal

Now, the UEFA has provided the British government until Tuesday to move the Champions League final to Wembley. Within this deadline, they have to provide the necessary travel waivers.

In case, however, the British government cannot bring this about, the final could be played in Portugal instead.

After all, from next Monday, Portugal will be on England’s “green list” of 12 low-risk territories.

These territories are ones where visitors can visit and not even have to quarantine upon their return.

So, moving the final to Portugal may make it easier for thousands of City and Chelsea fans to travel.

According to close sources, UEFA met with the British government on Monday. The former requested for anyone who wants to attend a Champions League final in London to get exemptions. This would include sponsors, their guests, and the media.

But the football governing body was unable to obtain exemptions from quarantine.

The UEFA has given the British government until Tuesday to determine if they can provide any of the travel waivers.

Since these sources were not allowed to discuss this meeting, they are quoted anonymously by The Associated Press.


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