Cantona’s Induction into the EPL Hall of Fame

Cantona’s Induction into the EPL Hall of Fame

No one could have had a better reaction to Eric Cantona’s induction into the EPL Hall of Fame than the former Manchester United forward himself!

“I am very happy and proud of it. But at the same time, I am not surprised. I would have been surprised if I hadn’t been elected!” Cantona said to EPL’s official website.

“There are about 30 players who could have been picked. I’m a different matter,” Cantona said, seemingly self-aware. “If you have to pick one, it’s me. Everyone else is great and I’m exceptional!”

Cantona’s Induction into the EPL Hall of Fame

Cantona is enjoying his induction into the EPL Hall of Fame after Alan Shearer and Thierry Henry. Because the latter two were already previously on there, the Frenchman is the third member of the Hall of Fame.

The EPL Hall of Fame honours Shearer and Henry as its inaugural inductees. They are already honoured on the Premier League site, while Cantona is yet to debut there, having just been elected.

Cantona is the first of six players the public and the Premier League jury voted to induce into the Hall. Fans and the jury chose Cantona from amongst 23 candidates.

Premier League will announce the other 5 new entrants this week.

Cantona the King

Cantona was an instant success at Manchester United, as was clear when fans immediately dubbed the 1992 debutant ‘King Eric’.

As a ‘Manchester footballer’, Cantona clinched four Premier League titles, as well as a couple of FA Cups. He lost out on a fifth title (across his five seasons) because he infamously ‘kung-fu’ kicked a fan.

If readers still remain dubious about his rights to the Hall of Fame, ask yourselves this. Which other footballer have fans likened to the 12 days of Christmas?

In His Own Words

About the history of his own historic career, Cantona reminisced: “It was my dream to play in England. It was everybody’s dream to play in the Premier League.”

“I was lucky enough to play at Manchester United with great players, a great coach and great fans,” he went on, after the induction.

“We were winning and we loved it. And it was exactly the football I dreamt about because Manchester United is a club that wants to win, but in a good way.

“That’s been the case since the days of Matt Busby, that’s the identity and philosophy of this club.”

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