Buaksib Is THE Fantasy Cricket App Emerging within India in 2022

Buaksib Is THE Fantasy Cricket App Emerging within India in 2022

After learning about why fantasy gaming enthusiasts should try the newest fantasy apps in football news, here’s the best one. Despite it’s newness it makes the top-10 list because Buaksib is THE fantasy cricket app emerging within India in 2022.

Fantasy cricket has become an inseparable extension to cricket. It allows cricket fans to enhance and replicate the thrill of a live match on a booming pitch at home. By playing our own games around the real one – i.e. making your ideal team – we bring the enjoyment of live cricket to virtual reality.

Our passion, as a whole nation, for cricket is not only unparalleled outside India, but also necessitates real-money prediction avenues. So involved are we cricket enthusiast with this game, which dominates our sporting culture, that some may need it daily.

So, for fantasy cricket app reviews, we have picked Buaksib as our favourite going into the next year. This Indian fantasy soccer and cricket platform is all about playing, enjoying, and earning money on an everyday basis. Let’s learn more about it, and more on why it’s the best thing to come out of 2021.

Buaksib Is THE Fantasy Cricket App Emerging within India in 2022

New to the Indian markets, Buaksib nonetheless packs a punch when it comes to optimal user experience and profit. That is because they believe in daily fantasy sport, prioritizing it over traditional fantasy sport that more established brands follow.

Beside daily, diligently, updating several matches and their incumbent betting pools/contests, Buaksib let their regular players enjoy rewards every day.

After receiving ₹501 as a cash bonus upon signing up, users immediately enjoy a 10-point bonus to their Buaksib “salary”. Then, players receive cumulative rewards for checking/logging in everyday – 10 coins on day 1, 20 the next day, so on.

So much does this fantasy cricket app emphasize daily gaming’s (somewhat) “carpe diem” philosophy that even their team-building reflects it. Account-holders get to completely alter their selected team of 11 even after entering contests and paying real money for it. Indeed, changes can be made even just minutes before kick-off.

This mauke pe chauka mentality is what makes winners on Buaksib and what makes Buaksib a winning app.


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