Breaking Football News – Barcelona Can Now Register Aguero

Breaking Football News – Barcelona Can Now Register Aguero

Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba are the latest players to accept pay cuts to assist with Barcelona’s ongoing financial difficulties. This has freed the club up to officially register former Manchester City legend Sergio Aguero as their player this season. So, among other, related breaking football news, Barcelona can now register Aguero as a formal Catalan player.

Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba have joined Gerard Pique in accepting pay cuts in their current Barcelona salaries.

This step they have taken in order for Barcelona to sign Sergio Aguero and alleviate the Calatan club’s financial concerns.

After Pique initially agreed to a salary cut and payment deferral, Ronald Koeman’s side confirmed good news for their signings. They then said they could register new transfers Memphis Depay, Eric Garcia, and Rey Manaj.

Breaking Football News – Barcelona Can Now Register Aguero

And now, Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets have also agreed to change the terms of their contracts, Barcelona have confirmed.

Both players will receive lower wages this season and deferred payments, not just in this season, but for the remainder of their contracts, as long as they are.

Despite this prospect of lower wages, Sergi Roberto is also reportedly negotiating changes to his terms with Barcelona.

Meanwhile, having already secured agreements for pay cuts with Busquets and Alba, the cash-strapped Barcelona can now register Sergio Aguero. They will also perhaps manage to avoid complications with financial fair play regulations.

But registered or not, Aguero will be out until the middle of October due to an injury.

Barcelona were way worse-off in terms of their new football transfers in this summer transfer window, so this is refreshing.


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