Braithwaite Shares the Details around Eriksen’s Collapse


In a Euro 2020 fixture, when Finland was up 0-1, Denmark midfielder Christian Eriksen collapsed on the field, which became breaking football news. And now, his fellow Danish teammate Martin Braithwaite shares the details around Eriksen’s collapse.

Christian Eriksen, not close to any other players at the side of the field, fell unconscious in Denmark’s first fixture.

The player suffered a cardiac arrest, after which resuscitation measures were carried out directly on the pitch.

His sudden cardiac arrest shocked everyone who had witnessed the turmoil on the pitch.

However, particular attention was on the quick actions of his teammates, who formed a makeshift circle around his unconscious body.

They thereby kept the manipulation being performed on Eriksen private, and away from the prying media camera lenses.

One of those involved in this team effort was Danish striker Martin Braithwaite.

Braithwaite Shares the Details around Eriksen’s Collapse

The Dane has now spoken in an interview with Danish TV 2 SPORT about the details of what happened.

“I tried to do everything I could in that situation to help Christian,” Braithwaite said. “It is a difficult situation but I feel much better now that I know he is ok.”

“Football is definitely not the first thing that comes to mind in situations like this.”

“I would also want to say separately about the text that was published by UEFA, ostensibly about our desire to continue the game. There was no desire at all,” he revealed, in a heart-warming show of team spirit.

He further explained: “We were given two options: to postpone the game to the next day or to finish it the same evening, after which we were told that we had to make a decision.”

He went on to say, however: “I would have wished in such a situation to have a third option to choose – not to play at all. You don’t even want to go out on the pitch at that point.”

“Obviously, everyone was well aware that no one would sleep that night,” he added. “We wouldn’t have had a chance to get on the pitch if the game had been postponed.”

Also, Braithwaite promised that the team will do their best in the next match on the Danish calendar against Belgium.

“I can assure you that you will see a particularly motivated Denmark on Thursday,” he remarked. “Not just the players themselves, but everyone who comes to Parken.”

“We are looking forward to this game and will definitely use the psychological boost we have received from the positive news about Eriksen’s condition. We will go out there and give it our all for him.”

The match between Denmark and Belgium will take place on June 17.


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