Boris Johnson called a ‘charlatan’ by Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher

Boris Johnson called a 'charlatan' by Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher

Boris Johnson: Rangers Football Club is the most successful team in Europe in terms of trophies won. However, the club has gone through a rough time in recent years having entered administration.

The club ended up runners up in an European competition for the 3rd time on Wednesday after losing the UEL final. Prior to the fixture, the Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson wished the team luck in a rather unconvincing way by reading from an autocue: “I want to wish Rangers the very best of luck in tonight’s Europa League final.

“A lot has happened to the club since you last had a game like this to look forward to. So it’s a fantastic reward for the fans’ dedication, through thick and thin.

“And it’s always great for UK sport, and for the UK as a whole to see our great teams performing on the grandest of stages.

“So whatever happens on the pitch, I couldn’t be happier to see you flying the flag out in Spain. And I know that you’ll do us all proud. Good luck.”

However, in response to this Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has criticized the politician by mentioning: “This charlatan needs an autocue because he’s not got a clue who Rangers are & what the Europa League is.”


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