Barcelona Transfer News – Aguero’s Father Blasted Pep for Fake Tears

Barcelona Transfer News – Aguero’s Father Blasted Pep for Fake Tears

Pep Guardiola cried over Sergio Aguero leaving Manchester City after the final Premier League game of the season. But after this display and the veteran striker’s Barcelona transfer news – Aguero’s father blasted Pep for fake tears.

Everyone watching the last EPL match of City reacted in one of two ways when Pep was reduced to tears.

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There were those who went all teary-eyed like Pep, over Aguero, and likely thought the coach paid a wonderful tribute.

However, some reacted, and rightly so, by wondering – why is Pep letting Aguero from City in the first place?

Among them was Sergio Aguero’s father, upset over the club that his son gave a decade to let him go.

Barcelona Transfer News – Aguero’s Father Blasted Pep for Fake Tears

During an Argentinian radio show, Leonel del Castillo, Aguero’s father, went on a bizarre rant.

He alleged that Guardiola’s tears over his son leaving, which is something Pep himself made happen, were fake, crocodile tears.

“I don’t believe his tears,” he told A Radio La Red according to the Mirror. “For me, he never wanted Kun.”

Castillo also claimed that the Catalan manager is desperate to always be the centre of attention at his club:

“He always wants to be the main man and not the players. I don’t believe [in] Guardiola. He never wanted it [the Champions League trophy], he wants to be the protagonist of all the teams.”

“He says that he [Aguero] is irreplaceable and he does not have him in the squad,” he went on. “There are things about Guardiola, he is a great coach. But from one day to the next the players change you, the environment changes. You never know if you are a starter or not.”

Aguero’s father added: “There is someone who says if you are not here to stay at the club and you have no choice but to change. He was [allowed to stay] until the last time [he renewed his contract] but it was not possible to stay with the team where he is an idol.”

In other transfer news around Aguero, he is joining Barcelona on half the salary he enjoyed at City.


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