Ancelotti Believes Hazard Will Rediscover His Greatest Form This Season


Vinicius Junior has had a fantastic start to the season, but Eden Hazard’s situation is a little more difficult. One of Eden’s three footballer brothers, Thorgan, enjoyed a jubilant night yesterday with Borussia Dortmund in DFB Pokal football news. But for Eden, his new Real Madrid head coach Carlo Ancelotti believes Hazard will rediscover his greatest form this season.

At the same time, Ancelotti says that he does not believe he deserves credit for Vinicius Junior’s progress.

In just 9 matches, Vinicius has already surpassed his goal involvement total from the previous season. Indeed, he is only two shy of his personal best of 12 for a whole season (2018-19).

And naturally, many have credited Ancelotti’s influence as the reason behind Vinicius’ form, but the Italian denies doing “anything extraordinary.”

“What I like the most is that he tries,” Ancelotti told reporters on a press conference. “He tries, whenever he can, and he does it with intensity.”

“Regardless of quality, he works a lot,” the coach went on, speaking ahead of Wednesday’s clash with Osasuna.

“He has to improve without the ball, but he’s humble, and he likes to work.

“What I do is work on motivation and less on the offensive aspect of his game, where I leave a lot to creativity. What stands out is his creativity with the ball.

“He is focused as a player. He’s young, and at times he loses concentration with the fans – I tell him that he has to focus on the game and not on the surroundings.

“It is not a father-son relationship, I already have two children! It is the relationship you want to have with all the players. I try to keep him motivated, focused, but I don’t do anything special.”

Ancelotti Believes Hazard Will Rediscover His Greatest Form This Season

Newly coming into the role of Real Madrid manager just this season, Carlo Ancelotti also answered questions about Eden Hazard.

“Eden Hazard, on the other hand, is a Madrid wide winger who is now struggling,” Ancelotti said, comparing to Vinicius.

However, Ancelotti is confident that the former Chelsea star can return to his greatest form.

Asked if Hazard still had “star status”, the coach replied: “He does not have this status because he has had many injuries. Little by little, he will have his best version.

“I am sure that this season we will see his best version and that he will play more than he is doing now. Hazard has it, everything: quality, motivation… He just has to wait. What happens is that sometimes the coach prefers other players.

“He can play 4-3-3 on the left, or 4-4-2 he can play wide, or behind the striker. He is ready to play, but the problem is that there is a coach who is betting on other players.”


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