Algerian Footballer Sofiane Loukar Suffered a Heart Attack and Died

Algerian Footballer Sofiane Loukar Suffered a Heart Attack and Died

Among similarly tragic football news, an Algerian footballer, Sofiane Loukar, suffered a heart attack and died, as local news reported.

Loukar collapsed of a heart attack after colliding with his goalkeeper in a second division match in Oran on Saturday.

The APS agency said 28-year-old Loukar, from Mouloudia Saida, hurt himself when he ran into his goalkeeper. This happened mid-way through the first half of their Ligue 2 clash at ASM Oran.

But though he resumed playing after receiving treatment, the Algerian then collapsed again, some 10 minutes later, the agency reported.

Authorities rushed Loukar to a hospital but he sadly died of a heart attack on his way there, APS said. When news of his death reached the two teams in Oran, Mouloudia Saida and ASM Oran abandoned their match.

Algerian Footballer Sofiane Loukar Suffered a Heart Attack and Died

The incident that killed Sofiane Loukar occurred during his Mouloudia Saida team’s match against Oran Association on Christmas day.

Media says Lokar suffered a collision with his own goalkeeper in the 26th minute of this game on December 25th. These reports also informed fans that the 30-year-old was then treated for injury and declared fit to continue.

So, though he suffered a head injury during his collision, medical professionals deemed him fit enough to play again, immediately.

However, in the 35th minute, just nine minutes after he resumed play, he again collapsed to the ground.

Paramedics hurried on to the scene, however, despite their best efforts, Lokar couldn’t be revived. The paramedics then rushed Lokar to the hospital but sadly, he passed away on the way there.

As Algerian fans mourned the player’s loss, the incident was more shocking because Lokar had only gotten married last week.

In an aftermath video, doing the rounds on the internet, Sofiane’s teammates and opposition players are crying inconsolably.


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