Alex Chidiac embracing life outside football

Alex Chidiac embracing life outside football

Alex Chidiac who is best known in Europe for her time with Atlético Madrid recently opened up about her life outside of football.

“I’ve always said that I wanted to use football to travel the world,” Alex Chidiac said.

“I love immersing myself in different cultures and trying to live like a local as much as I can.

“At Atlético, I was playing alongside some of the best players in the world like Jenni Hermoso. They’re very creative and I love that style of football.

“Japan was very technical, although I was there a short period of time the repetition and focus on first and second touch really helped me refine those key parts of my game.”

“I had a pretty serious ankle injury on my return to Atlético in pre-season which put me out for a long time and that really stopped any chance of me coming back into the national team.”

“Having football taken away from me when living overseas was really hard as I had nothing else there. Yes, I had very supportive teammates and friends and family back home but I had nothing else to do.

“Because of that, I have really worked hard to build a community around me and discover other interests, so it isn’t all football. That’s where my interest in the community space has come in, so I feel like I am part of something bigger than just the team around me.”


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