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FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Stadium - Eight Venues To Host the Matches
FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Stadium - Eight Venues To Host the Matches
FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Stadium - Eight Venues To Host the Matches
Football FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Stadium - Eight Venues To Host the...

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Stadium – Eight Venues To Host the Matches

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Stadium: From November 20 to December 18, Qatar will host the FIFA World Cup 2022. The FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Stadium, which is slated to be the 22nd edition of the international football competition, is expected to be particularly memorable as it would be the first World Cup to be hosted by a Middle Eastern nation.

Additionally, Asia will host the FIFA World Cup for the second time this year. 2002 FIFA World Cup hosting duties were split between Japan and South Korea.

64 matches involving 32 teams will be played in a total of eight stadiums spread across five different Qatari cities in the FIFA World Cup 2022.

On the other hand, the building of the stadiums has been very divisive ever since Qatar was chosen to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The working circumstances for migrant workers on the stadium projects have drawn criticism.

The claim made by Qatar that the competition will be the “first carbon-neutral FIFA World Cup in history” has been criticised as being “far-fetched,” which has drawn criticism from the event’s organizers.

How Many Events Are Host By FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Stadium?

From the first game on November 20 through the championship game on December 18, the 32 teams will play in eight stadiums.

The first game will begin in the Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor, and the championship game will take place at the Lusail Stadium in Doha one month later.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Stadium – A Complete List

1) Lusail Iconic Stadium

The centrepiece of the FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Stadium will be the Lusail Stadium, which is formally known as the “Lusail Iconic Stadium.” It is the largest stadium currently in use and has cooling systems that use energy from a solar farm outside the city to assist in combat the local environment. The World Cup final, a number of group matches, and one match from each round of the knockout stages before December 18 will all be played here.

The Metro and matchday buses from Doha both travel there; it is located 15 miles north of Doha. With plans to eventually build an infrastructure that could support twice as many people as the current 200,000, Lusail is still very much a developing city.

Group-stage fixtures
Argentina vs Saudi Arabia
Brazil vs Serbia
Argentina vs Mexico
Portugal vs Uruguay
Saudi Arabia vs Mexico
Cameroon vs Brazil

2) Al Bayt Stadium 

The multidisciplinary studio Dar Al-Handasah also created the tent-like stadium in Al Khor, which will serve as the site of the football tournament’s inaugural game on November 20. The historic al bayt sha’ar tents that local nomadic people utilised are the inspiration for the name of the Al Bayt Stadium. Over four stands, it has 60,000 seats inside.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) woven fibreglass membrane is used to create its distinctive peaked shape, and it also features a retractable roof that complements the stadium’s cooling systems.

Group-stage fixtures
Qatar vs Ecuador
Morocco vs Croatia
England vs USA
Spain vs Germany
Netherlands vs Qatar
Costa Rica vs Germany

3) Education City Stadium

The Qatar Foundation’s Education City in Al Rayyan, Qatar, is where the Education City Stadium is situated. Fenwick Iribarren and Arup created the initial concept. TheBDP Pattern was chosen in 2016 to serve as the reference design’s lead architect. Buro Happold Engineering is also mentioned. The stadium can hold 40,000 people.

Modern stadium architecture complements traditional Islamic construction. Triangles on the outer create intricate geometrical patterns resembling diamonds that glitter when the sun moves across the sky. The façade is illuminated by a computerised light show at night, giving fans a magnificent surprise performance.

Group-stage fixtures
Denmark vs Tunisia
Uruguay vs South Korea
Poland vs Saudi Arabia
South Korea v Ghana
Tunisia vs France
South Korea vs Portugal

4)FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Stadium – Stadium 974 

The ideal match location for supporters who might be travelling in and out of Doha on matchdays while staying somewhere else in the region is nestled just 5 km from the airport and overlooking the seafront corniche.

The stadium’s 974 shipping containers gave it its name, and with a capacity of 40,000, it will host games through the round of 16. It is the first temporary World Cup venue because it will be taken down after the competition.

Group-stage fixtures
Mexico vs Poland
Portugal vs Ghana
France vs Denmark
Brazil vs Switzerland
Poland vs Argentina
Serbia vs Switzerland

5) Khalifa International Stadium

The national stadium of Qatar, which lies 10 kilometres outside of Doha’s city centre, is the only existing structure that has been modified for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

It was recently renovated by its original architect Dar Al-Handasah to expand its capacity to 40,000 and meet FIFA criteria. The stadium is now known as the Khalifa International Stadium.

Group-stage fixtures
England vs Iran
Germany vs Japan
Netherlands vs Ecuador
Croatia vs Canada
Ecuador vs Senegal
Japan vs Spain

6)Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium

The architectural styles of the stadium and the nearby structures are influenced by regional customs and culture. Intricate geometric patterns on the façade depict the undulations of the dunes, the grandeur of the desert, local flora and fauna, as well as regional and global trade. The multi-use stadium is situated in Umm Al Afaeiin, Al Rayyan, Qatar, a historic city. Al-Rayyan Stadium is the name of the venue in common usage.

The former stadium, which could hold 40,000 people, was destroyed in 2015. BDP Pattern and Ramboll collaborated on the design of the new building. The previous stadium provided more than 80% of the construction materials, and any trees that were already there were carefully protected. Fans can travel using the new Doha Metro system, which is environmentally friendly.

Group-stage fixtures
USA vs Wales
Belgium vs Canada
Wales vs Iran
Japan vs Costa Rica
Wales vs England
Croatia vs Belgium

7) Al Thumama Stadium

Another one of the more striking examples of architecture, with a circular shape meant to resemble the gahfiya, the traditional woven cap worn by men and boys throughout the Arab world. Another stadium that has previously hosted games in the 2021 Arab Cup is located close to Doha and the airport. During the World Cup, this stadium will host eight games, including a quarterfinal.

Group-stage fixtures
Senegal vs Netherlands
Spain vs Costa Rica
Qatar vs Senegal
Belgium vs Morocco
Iran vs USA
Canada vs Morocco

8) Al Janoub Stadium

Al Wakrah, the southernmost city of Qatar and one of the oldest continuously inhabited regions, is home to Al Janoub Stadium.

The captivating architecture of the stadium is modelled after the wind-filled sails of Qatari dhow boats. Al Wakrah has also had a significant history in pearl diving and fishing.

Group-stage fixtures

France vs Australia
Switzerland vs Cameroon
Tunisia vs Australia
Cameroon vs Serbia
Australia vs Denmark
Ghana vs Uruguay

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FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Stadium - Eight Venues To Host the Matches
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